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Summer Campus


The SCC International Summer Academy seeks to introduce students to Britain’s most important figures and sites. Students will explore Britain’s heritage, examine the impact they had, and still have today.

Discover how our history attracts tourists from around the world and uncover the art, architecture, literature, design and popular culture that form the basis of Britain’s identity. Our packages include meals, excursions and walking tours.

We also offer in-house evening activities such as karaoke and movie nights. These are bespoke courses and are tailored to fit each group’s requirements


Undergraduate summer campus programe for international students


Shakespeare for Today

William Shakespeare remains the world’s most famous wordsmith. With 38 plays and 154 sonnets to his name he was a prolific playwright and poet and transformed the literary world.

Students study Shakespeare from a cultural perspective, from Elizabethan England to the 21st century. The programme looks at how Shakespeare’s works have been performed in various cultural contexts around the world.

Tudor History

Henry VIII brought deep changes in English society. It could be argued that his reign was marked by ill-considered, financially ruinous foreign policy and by his quest for a legitimate male heir, which drove him to begin the English Reformation and to marry six times, executing two wives and divorcing two others.

His defiance of Rome and dissolution of Catholic monasteries are some of the aspects of this era to be explored on this course. We also consider the role and interconnection of religion, faith, politics and the importance of his contemporaries, such as Thomas Wolsey, Anne Boleyn & Thomas Cromwell.

Modern British History

Post-1945, Britain reluctantly relinquished its status as the world’s largest imperial power, but it was the massive cultural and social changes at home that truly transformed British society.

The moral code that prevailed in 1945 broke down, a process formalised by legal changes in the 1960s. This course includes politics, economics, gender, demography and social history, from post World War Two to modern day.

Creative Writing

Whether you’re interested in writing children’s books, novels, short stories, newspaper articles or blogs, or just thinking of taking that first step towards creative writing, our range of practical, innovative writing courses are all taught by published authors and editors, uniquely placed to help you explore your writing within a supportive learning environment.

This course covers the basics of short-stories and longform writing; how to express yourself in a compelling and succinct fashion.

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