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10 tips for international students coming to the UK

1. Take your scarf/gloves/hat off BEFORE entering the tube

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You will look like a very red and sweaty tomato if you don’t and you will knock people down if you try to do it in the crowded tube.

2. Say sorry

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Basically all the time. Even if something isn’t your fault. Londoners say it all the time and we are pretty formal which means many will appreciate that you are super polite as well.

3. Stand right, walk left

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The Golden Rule of Escalators. If you don’t, you will have a swelling mass of angry commuters behind you.

4. Lower your voice

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Londoners are not very loud people and even though the tube may be very crowded it is not very loud. Make sure to lower your voice especially when using public transport.

5. Never refuse a cup of tea

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People will look at you in a strange way and ask if you’re okay.

6. Bring a power bank


We are in the 21st century and we use our phones as a GPS, camera, guide and so on. That’s why your phone will get to 0% battery quickly while you are exploring London. Be prepared and grab a power bank.

7. Try new food

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London is a paradise of food from all over the world. Don’t go to the same place again and again. Your new favourite restaurant might be just around the corner.

8. Look right

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Cars drive on the left in the UK so look right or you will experience some scary situations.

9. ‘Cheers’

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Cheers is not only used when drinking with friends. The Brits also use it as a ‘goodbye’ or a ‘thank you’.

10. Enjoy your time in London


London is one of the greatest cities in the world and you should definitely try to experience and enjoy your time here as much as you can even though it involves big masses of slow walking, selfie-taking tourists and a lot of rain.

3 websites offering student discounts

Life as a student can be expensive and difficult but fear not, there are many websites to help you save money and solve your problems.

1. UniDays. UniDays is a super useful online discount website that provides special offers for students. Do you need a new computer or a perfect outfit for an upcoming party? Make a free account on Unidays and discover hundreds of great offers and discounts. UniDays also has a blog which provides you with recipes, fashion advice, and useful information on the latest trends in music.

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2. Student Beans. Student Beans is a website that provides you with discounts on a variety of products. From groceries to makeup to clothing you will be able to save money on almost everything you might need as a student. Student Beans also lists the latest jobs in the UK for graduates and students. This includes full time jobs, part time jobs and even weekend and summer holiday opportunities. All you have to do is sign up and search through the numerous offers and work placements.

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3. Save the Student. Save the Student! provides free advice to students on how to get the most out of their money. It also finds the best offers and brings them all together in one user friendly website. Whether you want to find out how to make some pocket money or how to deal with a tricky housemate, they got all the advice you might require. The website is free and you don’t have to sign in.

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There are many more useful student websites out there so make sure to browse the internet to find special offers and expert advice on exactly what you need.